John & Anne ButterworthJohn and Anne both have  broad musical experience and vocabulary.  Literate and sensitive, their accompaniments, harmonies, melody and instrumentation support and embellish while never detracting from the songs themselves.

Styles and genre flow seamlessly together – early music harmonies, reflective traditional ballade, the sleaze of Berliner cabaret, rabble rousing songs of change and protest – each style listening to and borrowing subtly from the others so that something new is created.

John Butterworth


  • Martin 00028
  • Hullah Custom
  • Fylde Mandola
  • Fylde Mandolin


  • Wal Pro 1 Bass & Peterson 100 Amplifier
  • Tokai Love Rock with Roland G50 Guitar Synthesizer
  • Crate and Polytone Amplifiers
  • Digitech Effects Units

Anne Butterworth

  • Rudal Carte Thinned Wooden Orchestral Flute
  • Takezawa piccolo


  • Peavey Amplification
  • JBL Speakers
  • EV Monitors