Associated Bands & Organisations


Take educated acoustic players who also happen to play electric instruments.  Add a desire to play traditional music in a style relevant to today... Beowulf pushed the boundaries and put up backs like no other band.  Too loud by half, or the next great thing... even history cannot judge because the same arguments go on still when anyone plugs an instrument into an amplifier  within the folk context.

Much of the work Beowulf did remains in the acoustic repertoire of False Knight and will, one day, return.

Band Of No Hope

Essentially a collaboration, Band of No Hope is the corporate name of all the variants of Chielidh band fronted by John & Anne Butterworth.  Musically, this is a group of old friends catching up on gossip and learning the news.   For all that, it is always solid and directed to give pleasure to the dancer.  Band of No Hope it may be – but always a pleasant surprise.

Revolting Peasants

An occasional band – when Karim comes back from Germany. Similar philosophy, different tone colours.

Brownhill Folk Club

We set up the Brownhill to allow musicians to entertain musicians – with an audience present.  The philosophy was simple – if you play or sing, come – you can play and sing with us.  Essentially, this was the start of open mike!  You will not be belittled, you will (hopefully) be appreciated by your peers, you can try out new or atypical music – oh – and if you don't sing, we will!  We got a (small) contribution from the Landlord and passed a pot to provide ale for musicians... we never lost money but we never made any either.

This formula ran for seven years and provided a revolving door and reality check for many, many serious and professional musicians who turned up regularly purely for the pleasure of playing.  Of course, music like this is ephemeral, there are few quality recordings, no history of the entire period.  We are sure that something lives in the memory of our audience though.

This endeavour also ended with the arrival of children.